Hailing from Munich, Germany, mostly known for Oktoberfest and german folklore, HERUIN come to prove that there’s more to expect from this city than beers and pretzels. HERUIN play heavy, groovy music shaped by influences of trap and hip-hop. A combination that was last found during the glory days of Nu-Metal at the turn of the millennium.

With more than a decade of experience in heavy music, producing & touring the four members Aaron, Darius, Ignaz and Jonas bring along everything it needs to deliver their music to the masses. During their career, their relentless work ethics, catchy songwriting and unique live performance has enabled them to share the stage with gold/platinum awarded and Grammy nominated acts such as A Day To Remember or August Burns Red.

Their self-produced debut EP >>ADDICT<< was released on Famined Records (Victory Records) in April 2018 and quickly caught the attention of national and international press leading to shows supporting notable bands such as ALL THAT REMAINS, CRYSTAL LAKE & many more. Following two European tours & club shows across Germany the band is currently working on their follow up release.

HERUIN is the kind of band that takes matters into their own hands: Self-managing, designing, recording and producing everything on their own, what you see and hear is exactly what you get: HERUIN.

Aaron Rusch

Aaron is drummer and main songwriter for HERUIN. He also takes care of recording, mixing and mastering all the tracks in his own studio. Being a producer, he’s responsible for dozens of national and international releases making him the mastermind of the band.

Jonas Herr

Together with Ignaz, Jonas was the latest addition to the band. While being an account manager at work he’s also serving as manager for the band. He’s known for throwing his bass into Aarons’ drumkit and first met Darius when playing a show in his ISO-container. True story.

Darius Asgarian

When he’s not killing mobs in Westfall, Darius is the singer and lyricist for HERUIN. He’s one of only two founding members that are still with the band. Funny enough he knew all the band through years of playing shows with his previous projects.

Ignaz Engelmann

Although originating from Russia, Ignaz will be drunk after even smelling vodka. Sober or not, he’s taking care of all things visual in HERUIN – from artworks to merch designs. And when he’s not designing, he’s either in his studio producing everything from trap to wave or working on his sick stage moves.

Upcoming Shows

- Due to Covid-19 we are forced to cancel all upcoming shows -

EP 'ADDICT' was published on May 11th, 2018 by Famined Records

Süddeutsche Zeitung:
„Die knarrenden siebensaitigen Gitarren sind tiefer gestimmt denn je, Soli finden sich so gut wie keine, was charakteristisch für den rhythmusorientierten Nu-Metal ist. Darius' kraftvolle Stimme hält die Songs jedoch im typischen Metalcore-Stil, mit der Energie und den explosiven Momenten früher Songs von Emil Bulls oder aktuellen Bands wie Wage War.“ reference

New Transcendence:
„Riveting, ruthless and catchy, Heruin’s breakout effort combines hard-hitting breakdowns and contemporary aggression with a “classic” nu-metallic influence and sharply-honed edge, cutting right to the heart of the listener’s head. Balancing fun and fury, Addict is a record that sees a young band breaking into the heavy music scene with both fists swinging, taking no prisoners.“ reference

„Heruin wissen um die Attraktivität von eingängigen Mustern Bescheid und mischen in Stücken wie „Haunted“ oder „Love“ die Brutalität von harten Blasts und heftigen Riffs mit melodischem Gesang, bewussten Emotionen und Catchyness..“ reference


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